Radiation & taking a one-hour long vacation every day!

Summer has started! Last week, I was in Vienna on a bikeride with 120 Food Service Executives in the first summer sunbeams! On my way home I read an article on all kinds of radiation and this morning I took a bikeride in the woods instead.

Radiation has been known to mankind for a long time. Earth radiation can mess up your body and your mind pretty badly, or it can be used to meditate, in TaiChiWuChiGong for example! Anyway, the last 15 years we’ve been bombarded with radiation: high frequencies, low frequencies, inside, outside, everywhere and consistently. We used to only have radio, TV and radar, but then we got DECT telephones, electric blankets, alarm radio’s, microwaves, large LCD/LED televisions, WIFI and entire nationwide GSM and 3G networks! Next to the 3G network currently active, we’re getting G4, so we can do even more things, like calling with video for example. Another form of radiation! It’s like we’re living in street looking like Christmas trees! Mega network and their electronic parks, like the HAARP installation can even alter the weather here and there!

The thermal effect of the warming up of your braincells in combination with del-specific resonance has already proven to make mobile phones dangerous to our health systems. All network radiation causes electronic processes our bodies are also capable of producing, magnetic crystals in the brain tissue are cracked, membranes are broken, DNA strings are altered and all sorts of other damage is being measured. Your immune-system is slowly weakened, or possibly even quickly, after long-term exposure to all this radiation. All insurance companies have, precautionary, taken the EHS Claims (Elektro Hypersensitief Syndrome) out of their policies. It’s in Dutch, but for those of you who understand that, you can check out this example of a video by Hendrick Smit:

[media url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pei_KV0uhVs”]

A progressive German broadcasting network made a great documentary about this topic, which you can watch here!

The Mise en Place Mansion in Lanaken, the forest, the walking, biking and getting out of the house in general, apparently isn’t just good for your much needed inner peace, but if you also want to take care of your body, take an hour of vacation every day, as far away from all this radiation as you possibly can!