Selfselection or chocolate?

Hey everybody, I’ve got a quick update for you all! It’s about last week’s trip to Barcelona, for our INFLOW training: 50 future leaders of Mise en Place on a trip towards inspiration and new insights about their own possibilities and growth! During my stay there, I visited Mise en Place Barcelona, located at the beautiful Plaça de la Universitat, right across the university. This office is located on the second floor and has its entrance behind a small chocolate shop! Ran by two of the nicest ladies ever, this shop sells gorgeous Belgian & Spanish chocolates and figures as an entrance for the Mise en Place office! It’s got kind of a Moors style of decoration going on, with a lot of mirrors and tiles.

“Hola, mi nombre es Charles y trabajo en Mise en Place!”
We talked about small stuff for a little while and the ladies asked me if I wanted to buy some chocolates. I told them their chocolates looked amazing, but no thanks and that I had a meeting upstairs that I had to go too. As I took off to go upstairs, this grumpy and scruffy looking guy came in, rastafari hairdo, the ugliest sunglasses I’ve seen since the 80’s and even worse shoes to match them. I can hear him mumbling something in Spanish, that he’s looking for the office, because he heard he could work there. The two ladies from the chocolate shop keep a straight face and tell him that Mise en Place went out of business, it’s gone. If he wants, he can buy some chocolates, but that’s all they can do for him. I assess the situation and realise that this is brilliant! These ladies know what’s up, this is an out of the box selection system!
Since we’re looking to relocate the office in Utrecht, maybe this is a nice idea for them too?