42° Raw

Mijn ontmoeting met, “The Hospitality Doctor”, Max Hitchins in Amsterdam:


Reactie Max Hitchins:
The Restaurant, 42° Raw, (see http://www.42raw.com/) is setting a new trend, standard and direction in Europe. It is located in a prime location in Copenhagen. Many women feel and affiliation with Forty Two Degrees Raw.

Charles van Goch told me about it when I met with him in Amsterdam recently. It is 100% vegetarian. No meat, no fish, butter or cheese. Nothing baked, roasted or grilled. And nothing is heated above 42 degrees to denature the loss of food enzymes and vitamins – to present. That is the philosophy behind raw 42 °.

The concept appears to be a hit. It has brought a storm of publicity as a result. The opening event made the evening news in Denmark. Many Danish celebrities want to associate with a healthy lifestyle and are visiting 42 ° Raw.

Aldus: Max Hitchins