Dear friends,

Long time no hear no see! The periodical Charly blog? That’s right. I had to learn how to use Twitter, control the enormous amount of requests on Facebook (what happened to Hyves?), watch the Dutch soccer team make it to the World Cup Finals and be present at many internal Mise en Place “Kgotla’s” (meetings). With all that taken care of, it is about time to share some interesting information with you.

During our trail through the Netherlands (, I meet many different personalities and get inspired with new energy and ideas all the time. The past 2 weeks, we have passed through the Nijmegen area (on the border of Limburg and Brabant). During a dinner with 8 guests, where the introduction lasted about 4 hours instead of the regular 20 minutes, we figured it was true: Hotelschool graduates travel around and like to see the world before settling down in the Netherlands again.

It appears that ‘us Dutchies’ are positively approached all over the world, yet love Holland the most. Even the thousands of South-Africans that dressed in orange during the FIFA World Soccer Championship appear to love “their” Holland, which is strange considering the history.

Yesterday I could finally enjoy a night off, so Maartje and I went to see a movie. We had to hurry as the movie would start at 8PM, and arrived in the cinema at 8.15 PM. We rushed to ticket sales and told the sales clerk that we would like tickets for ‘any movie’. So what happened? We ended up at the longest movie that was shown (2h, 20min) and had to pay extra because of the length of the movie. Luckily it was Tuesday movienight, so we only paid 5 euro per person and went to see the movie Inception, in which Leonardo diCaprio breaks into peoples dreams and steals information. The movie is about  making astral journeys and dreams, with all the risks this entails. A deceased person kan indeed create its own reality. Leonardo diCaprio’s girlfriend even dies in one of those dreams! It is great to see that we are becoming more and more aware of our own inter-dimensional energystructures. What a great movie, definitely the box office success of September!

The inspiration for my blog seems to come from healthy living. I exercise at least 2 times a week and since my last clyster (a dirty yet effective method to clean your intestines), I am eating more healthy and take my vitamines (besides the healthy yoghurt breakfasts and liters of water). That, combined with the opening of our new fine art gallery during the Preuvenemint last week, has made me feel on top of the world again.

Another nice synchrony: while walking the ‘Pieterpad’ we follow roads on a map, but also red/white stickers or marks on trees, to make sure we don’t get lost along the way. The picture underneath this blog was not made because of me, but was quite funny to see in the nature reserve where we were walking!

The longer I think about the cause and effect theory, the more clear it becomes. To actually BE on earth, to continuously live, to enjoy, to suffer, to lead others, to be honest, to accept, to relativize and to remain positive. Could it be that cancer can be cured or even prevented when you set your goal in life to be learning and gaining knowledge? That our body won’t become a victim of whatevery enemy there is? That Faith, Love and Friendship are the true remedies to live a healthy live? I’ll definitely become over a 100 years old, just to prove it!