The Prestige: source of inspiration or magic?

Board meeting Brussels, Beer Trip Seville, Oktoberfest in Munich, Speech in Zurich, drinks at Stuttgart and back to Lanaken to give a training, and all of this is only 2.5 weeks’ time!! In the movie the Prestige a famous magician is working with a stuntdouble. The stuntdouble is chained and in an aquarium filled with water while holding his breath for 2.5 minutes. The other is making the audience crazy and then they change and they keep doing this nonstop for years. Of course there is no “stuntdouble Charly” that can do the same things. So back to reality!

Being in two places at once?

Like the title already indicates my life would be much easier if I could be at two places at once. Very often people come to me and ask me how I keep up with all the work, initiatives and trips that I’m doing?! Well first of all this is quite simple, it starts with finding your heart energy and keeping your focus, while one of the most important things is that even though you have an extremely busy life you don’t have to scream this from the rooftops. Do you know why? Because then people get stressed and less focused. However, even though I can’t be at two places at once, I did create a way of working that is so effective that I don’t even need to be in two places at once. How am I managing this?! There’s a few simple rules:

  1. Manage your time well: while driving you can catch up all your lost work by just calling people to make appointments or keeping up with your clients, friends & family.
  2. I thinks regular exercise and focusing on your eating habits are some of the most important things: if your body is healthy, your mind will follow and you’ll create peace in your head. I meditate every day and this also really helps to clear your mind.
  3. Work effectively: there are so many things to do, that most of the time people postpone small things that will most likely only take a few minutes to. Squeeze them in to get things done fast!

Thanks to technology we can actually be at two places at once: think of doing conference calls, while reading your emails at home. Technology will continue to change our lives even further in the upcoming years. Just a few days ago I asked myself how I started my company and how we did the planning. We didn’t have mobile phones, laptops or computers, just some paper and a buncha pens. Look at how far we’ve come!

‘’Don’t ask yourself what your future will look like, but create it yourself’’